Veterinarians have a special duty to protect animal welfare, and have an important role to play in food safety security. It is on this basis that veterinary services have been listed as an essential service. Despite being an essential service, veterinarians are not expected to operate ‘business as usual’ during the COVID-19 response.

Veterinarians are to cease non-essential services and maintain essential (including emergency) services only. Essential services are those where failure to deliver the service is likely to directly result in negative animal welfare or food safety outcomes (either immediately, or in the future).

If you are unsure what is considered an essential service or have any questions we urge you to contact us on 07 884 9522.

If you are in need of any veterinary supplies please call before midday Monday to Friday so we can easily arrange delivery or contactless pick up – our clinic building at 217 Whitaker Street will be operating as STAFF ONLY.
This is a difficult and highly changeable time for everyone we appreciate your co-operation and continued support. Please be assured that we will continue to provide 24 hour emergency services.

Thank you very much,
The Team at Te Aroha Vets
07 884 9522