Facial Eczema
The Te Aroha District is in a high risk area for outbreaks of Facial eczema disease during the late summer and autumn period. Our practice has a long and proud association with Mrs Gladys Reid and was involved in some of the original research she carried out using zinc for Facial Eczema prevention. We provide regular spore counting services and advise on prevention methods. We also offer treatment options for any affected stock.

Mastitis Management
Mastitis is the biggest animal health issue in a dairy herd. We can assist with mastitis management by identifying the causal agent and risk factors associated with mastitis and offer a range of treatment and prevention options. We stock a wide range of intra-mammary products for the treatment of clinical cases and provide advice on dry cow therapy options. We also provide a teat seal insertion service for heifers and can also carry out whole herd dry cow therapy treatments.

Lameness Services
Lameness is an ongoing issue on many dairy farms. We can carry out appropriate treatment on affected individual animals and help identify likely on-farm risk factors and formulate a prevention programme.

Reproductive Management
In New Zealand dairy cows must calve at about the same time or earlier each year to remain as a productive unit. They have a short recovery time from pregnancy and calving and then be able to become pregnant again. We can assist cows having calving difficulties, with the treatment of calving injuries and infections and the identification and treatment of anoestrus cows to improve the chances of at-risk cows getting back in calf. We offer a whole herd pregnancy scanning service to identify the in-calf cows.

Parasite Control
Parasites compete for essential nutrients in livestock and have a negative impact on growth and production. We advise on appropriate endo and ecto-parasite control programmes for the different classes of animals on farm and we stock a wide range of anthelmintics in the clinic.

Mineral and Trace Element Testing
We offer a full range of blood sampling and liver biopsies, pasture and supplementary feed analysis to detect any deficiencies and advise on any corrective actions to optimize the returns from the feed being consumed.

We provide a full range of vaccinations and an up to date vaccination programme system to keep herds and flocks free of diseases.

Service Bulls Testing
Service bulls have a critical and probably undervalued role in reproductive outcomes in dairy herds. We offer a full fertility examination, including semen evaluation, to ensure these service bulls can carry out their role.

Calf Disbudding
We have a calf disbudding service for the quick and painless removal of horn buds from young unweaned calves using a hot iron while the calves are anaesthetised.

Routine clinical & emergency treatment
We have a great team of veterinarians to attend to any type of routine work or medical emergency that may arise in dairy, beef, deer and goat herds or in sheep flocks.