Why & When do we desex our pets?
Desexing cats prevents aggression & fighting, can help with straying cat and controls unwanted litters.
The sterilization surgery in cats is very safe and our vets recommend having this done at 5-6 months of age.
Spaying bitches also prevents unwanted litters and can furthermore help protect our dogs against the development of mammary tumours. The decision of when to spay your dog can be a hard one. Our vets recommend this surgery be done around 6 months of age, any earlier there is a risk of developing urinary incontinence. The surgery is straight forward except when bitches are on heat as there is an increased risk of bleeding. Our veterinarians recommend waiting about three weeks after the heat has finished before having the surgery.
Neutering males can help reduce fighting and aggression but also protects against development of prostatic and testicular cancer. Our vets recommend this surgery be done when your pet is around 4-5 months of age.