Equine Services

Horses are the classic flight animal, and have evolved to run away from any perceived danger at speed.

Unfortunately into today’s world this means that horses have a tendency to injury themselves with encounters with fences, gates and other objects. Our team of veterinarians can attend and treat any trauma cases and advise ongoing recovery therapy.

Our equine stud work services include reproductive ultrasound scans, pregnancy scans, mare and foal treatments and vaccinations.

Our racetrack services include endoscopy, examinations, electrocardiographs, tendon scans, digital x-rays, blood testing for routine and racing profiles and treatments for arising from racetrack injuries.

We provide race day veterinary duties for local thoroughbred race and trial meetings.

We also provide veterinary services to the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) and are supporters of
this organisation.

If you have any queries please get in touch with us below or call 07 884 9522

Te Aroha Veterinary Services

The Best Care For Your Pets. Te Aroha Veterinary Services first opened in 1980 and have been servicing the greater Matamata, Piako District for over 30 years.